Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels.

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                                      Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels.

Those who follow the path of magic transformation – of their personality and life – should be able to get a resource for their social set-up. Today, money is such an instrument, a universal means of agreement between people. There are no magicians who are beggars. Why? Because the magic consciousness is always able to get what it needs and as much as it needs – without effort.

To understand how to achieve material prosperity, a person should be aware of and feel the movement of the streams of money in this world and be able to control them.

The development of this ability includes several simple steps:

• Knowing at what level you are right now.
• Knowing where you want to get.
• Seeing clearly – what you will have to pay.
• Understanding the rules of the game and terms of the agreement.

To achieve material result and change the level of financial well-being, it is necessary to take all this into account.

These questions are carefully studied in this class; a vector of intention to achieve the desired is formed and, most importantly, a programme of consciousness transformation to acquire the right to wealth is launched.

The technique that we use in this class is aimed at changing the structure of consciousness, excluding the "poverty" programme from it and activating those areas of the mind that lead a person to prosperity.

Duration: approx. 3 hours.

Admission: 1st Main course. Day 1-4 completed.


I had a question regarding the levels of prosperity (the marginally poor 1.1 ---> 3.3 the mega rich elite).

There are some people that are absolute masters in a field that does not necessarily yield high monetary/material rewards, they can be from different disciplines of the arts, sports, and/or sciences. Most of such people do not care for material wealth after a certain point, and never pursuit in life. They seem to me that they are after the sublime, which could also be thought as a form of wealth. Would these people be considered to be at 3.1? Or did they some how transcend these levels? Also, did I understand this correctly that a master mage has also transcended these levels and can move freely between them?

Thank you!


My second question on the subject is:

What would mean if during a meditation on the level of prosperity, the stronger sensations of the etheric body are felt at a boundary? What would it mean if the sensations were pleasant, and what if they were unpleasant?

Thanks again!

Petr Aberg

Quote from: BlackSwallowtail on 2024 January 13 , 23:08:03Would these people be considered to be at 3.1?
Its hard to define that way.
In this case you need to know this character personally. At least to know his/her biography in a very detail. Such masters of their craft might be Giorgio Armani, Zein Obagi, Rhiana, Lionell Messi and so on. Here we may defintely say that they are present at the level 3.1.
But on the other hand lets take some average dentist somewhere in Sri-Lanka who is well known specialist in his neighborhood.
Both - him and Giorgio Armani are passionate about what they are doing. They are not really care about material wealth. But still each of them has different existential volume. That is the defference. Their way of thinking is different. Their value of time is different.

Quote from: BlackSwallowtail on 2024 January 13 , 23:08:03did I understand this correctly that a master mage has also transcended these levels and can move freely between them?
Exactly.  Consciousness of a Mage is able to travel through all the 9 levels and get the result (experinece) out of each space. We might say that it is similar to those who are at the level 3.3. But it is not so. Mage is above it)

Petr Aberg

Quote from: BlackSwallowtail on 2024 January 13 , 23:11:28What would mean if during a meditation on the level of prosperity, the stronger sensations of the etheric body are felt at a boundary? What would it mean if the sensations were pleasant, and what if they were unpleasant?

This is how your consciousness percieves this or that space where those minds are present. if it pleasant - then it is safe. If it is not - draw conclusions)


Dear Colleagues: Some results from this course:


The Money-1 course brought significant changes to my understanding of wealth and personal growth. It allowed me to comprehend where my 'I AM' presence seeks to be on the financial scale, providing immense motivation and clarity about the steps needed for expansion. This understanding became a powerful magical confidence booster, revolutionizing my perception of money and enabling me to see the intricacies of various levels, experiences, interactions, and connections.

Reflecting on my past, I began to understand why certain relationships dissolved as I progressed. As I expanded, people and connections vanished, not due to abandonment, but because they were uncomfortable in the space of my growth. This insight led me to redefine my paradigm on social relationships, recognizing the need for continual evolution to align with my expansion and desired outcomes.

Money One not only shifted my paradigm but also gave my will a concrete focus. With this newfound focus, it became much easier to disregard distractions not aligned with my goals. I understood that my pursuits were in line with what my 'I AM' presence desired, providing both clarity and confidence. This path seemed predestined, a fate that needed to be accessed and actualized.

This clarity proved essential in practical applications as well. For instance, when a project required funding, my ability to access the necessary resources manifested almost overnight. By asserting my will and adjusting a conversation with a client, I secured a payment I hadn't expected, enabling me to undertake the project. This experience was a successful experiment in asserting my rights and not succumbing to previous mentalities, providing immediate evidence of my ability to control financial dynamics. (This experience was only a few days after this course.)


This seminar was very insightful, especially for me since I never saw money/wealth as a goal. And this was my favorite aspect, that the seminar emphasises that it is not just about money, but about other aspects as well (like control of time for example). This allowed me to broaden my understanding of what wealth and abundance levels actually are.

I was able to extract a lot of information about the different levels, what is important (for me) there and what challenges there are. For example, when moving from 2.3 to 3.1 I felt a shift in responsibility for others. While a person at 2.3 can solely focus on himself, his time + maybe close family, at the level 3.1 one controls more time of others ( way beyond family), but there is an extra responsibility for it, the weight of which I felt quite clearly. The more I went up the levels, the more the individuality seemed to morph and become diffuse, almost like the person is not entirely it's own person anymore. Quite and interesting effect to feel.

The vector was set with ease, in the sense that I could very clearly feel where I need to go and at what level my I Am wants to be. Reaching there is a journey, one which I am delighted to undertake.