Adequate energy exchange with the World

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Adequate energy exchange with the World

At this course we study types of energy nutrition, determine personal psychotype and energy exchange, master universal rules of successful communication and effective relations

Sooner or later every person asks himself this simple, but at the same time very difficult question.
Who am I?

In childhood you get the answer to it, as a rule, from the adults and intelligent people – parents, relatives or your mentors. In exceptional cases – from books. But a child has to take a lot of things on faith, and up to a certain point this question is not raised again.

But time runs fast, a little man grows up, gets new experience, goes through life cataclysms and sets his priorities somehow. Somewhere along the way, he comes to that point, which is impossible to pass if you do not ask yourself the same question again. But now you have to ask it not to someone who knows  how to do everything, not to someone who is responsible for you, but to yourself.

Usually such a milestone is called a "midlife crisis".

And this crisis can come whenever you want – in your twenties, in your thirties, and in your forties.

The one who, approaching this milestone, already knows the answer to his question, usually passes his crisis easily and, we can say, imperceptibly – both for himself and for others. But if, going through life, a person has not tried to revise this most important life guideline received once from the older generation, then, coming to the boundary of "before and after", he runs the risk of being stuck there for a long time. And until the answer is found, further movement through life will be very difficult.

After all, every step, every decision, every event that a person experiences will require an answer from him. If he does not find it (this time his own, not borrowed), the magic state that we  call "success" and "happiness" will remain inaccessible.

Having mastered the skills given in this seminar, you will be able to maximize your effectiveness in your relationships with people, avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Understand how to communicate with your children and parents, ensure career growth and better understand your partner.

At this step, students of Menshikova School:

– get to know different types of energy nutrition.
– find out their own source of power
– determine Psychotype and Energy Genes: Parent or Child?
– define their environment based on psychotype and energy exchange.
– learn universal rules of successful communication and effective relations
– Peculiarities of  relationship building between Parents and Children, Man and Woman, Employees and Superiors  and also other people

Admission: free

Duration: 2 days for 3 hours.